VBA acceptance speech…

By: runawaylines

Jan 18 2013

Category: growth, WOR(L)DS, writings

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Apparently i got nominated for an blogging award. Or rather, the nomination IS the award.  Blog Button.  Either way, I am going to try to follow the rules.  Kathryn, (http://kathryndarvill.wordpress.com/) Thank you kindly for the nomination, quite the surprise.  Especially as I’ve only really been at this for a few days.  

I. l have thanked Kathryn. & I hope (successfully posted a link)


II. 15 recommended VBA bloggers – tbd. 

III. Nominate said 15 bloggers (is it just me, or could II & III be in one grouping?)

(i am new to this & wish to give thought to my decisions-ie: post w/blogs to follow)


IV. 7 things about me…

a).  i make muppet-like things out of discarded socks.

b).  in high school my hair was any color from ‘bright as f*** yellow’ to ‘atomic pink’ and any combination in between (just ask).

c).  i am a small scale organic veggie farmer.

d).  i grew up with leonbergers, dogs that are part newfie, st. bernard & great pyrenees. basically bears.

e).  i have a rhode island red chicken who i refer to as fast edna.

f).  i am royally petrified of clowns, not to mention that i flat out hate them. (& i do think there is a difference)

g).  i think maurice sendak is a fucking rockstar.


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